The land has inspired Canadian artists for as long as art has been made and to this tradition I bring my camera.   Thirty years ago I began photographing birds and landscapes using a 4X5 inch view camera.  From the beginning, I began using color reversal film and making Ilfochrome (formerly known as Cibachrome) prints from my color transparencies.  When photographing, I always look for scenes that translate well onto film.  Such scenes must contain either special light, texture, color or contrast, which will then become the building blocks for good composition.

For me, it is not necessary to have much wild land to satisfy my needs.  For twenty-five years my wife, Sandy, and I have lived on 35 acres beside Dogpound Creek in Alberta, Canada.   There, the mood and face of the land vary daily and I have learned to appreciate these often subtle, and sometimes dramatic, changes.   I carry this awareness with me when I travel with my camera.   When photographing, my aim is invariably to capture the spirit of the land.

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